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"Calling all independent Freight Forwarders"



                                                                        Become a Raden Saleh® Logistics License Partner

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Why invest in an international Raden Saleh® Logistics License?


The Raden Saleh® Group was started in Indonesia over 280 years ago, and today we are also present in Africa's Gold Coast Countries, in Europe and the USA.


Our brand name has an almost 100% positive brand recognition value in the Indonesian diaspora worldwide, which makes Raden Saleh® Logistics one of the best international Logistics Franchise opportunities.


In 2008 we were appointed to represent the Indonesian Ministry of Investments (formerly BKPM, the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board) in Europe.


We will accompany you in order to help you to achieve your big goals and dreams in the real estate industry.


You will be part of the fast growing international Raden Saleh® Logistics family - with a tradition of over 280 years.


Raden Saleh® Logistics will support you to run a logistics business to suit your company's needs, from the time of planning, to marketing and office operations. 


Raden Saleh® Logistics will even assist you in recruiting and training of potential Marketing Associates to maximize the overall performance of your company. You will follow best practice training programs offered by Raden Saleh® Logistics before you start your business. You will be equipped with an orientation training on the strategy how to succeed in the logistics business.


Continuous Support


When you are part of the Raden Saleh® Logistics family, you will have full access to and extensive support of all of our systems, ranging from online training to face-to-face consultation.


Requirements for becoming a Raden Saleh® Logistics License Partner

Each potential franchisee will be evaluated based on the ability of achieving success in his franchised logistics business, having business experience and passion for the logistics industry, good financial standing and commitment as well as readiness to give full attention to running the business. 

  • Registered company licensed by the local government in your specified country.
  • Signed contract with franchise agreement from Raden Saleh® Logistics.
  • Licensee will be responsible for managing the business operations directly. Licensee will be obliged to follow all stages of training as determined by Raden Saleh® Logistics.
  • Not being bound or running a same or similar business with other licensors.
  • Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, be creative, innovative and have the ability to make business decisions.
  • The ability to create and implement a comprehensive strategy and sustainable business.
  • The ability to implement operational Raden Saleh® Logistics standards.
  • Have a good reputation in business and/or previous career currently pursued.
  • Preferably have experience related to marketing logistics with a minimum of 2 years.
  • Be able to communicate in English, both orally and in writing. 
  • Have sufficient capital for operating costs, from start-up to a minimum of 12 months.


Raden Saleh® Logistics knows that every individual has talents, abilities, and when supported by a strong determination it will be much easier to learn and understand the overall logistics business.


Please submit your CV together with a Letter of Intent by email to us at licensing@radensaleh.org


We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Raden Saleh® Logistics Licensing Partner


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