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Interested in becoming our Raden Saleh® Cargo Sales Associate ?


Raden Saleh®The Art of International Logistics since 1755


If you are interested in the international cargo business and want to become our Raden Saleh® Cargo Sales Associate in Indonesia and worldwide, this is your chance.


We also welcome Cargo Sales Associates newcomers who are highly motivated to succeed, passionate and willing to work hard to join our team; Cargo Sales Associates who love to work on challenging international projects, and wish to reach their full potential and grow and develop with us.


By joining the Raden Saleh® logistics team, you will represent and work with one of the most prestigious logistics organization, with cargo experience since 1755. You will be developing and marketing cargo from Indonesia, Afrika, Europe and of course the United States.


Raden Saleh® has an almost 100% recognition value in Indonesia and around the world; almost every Indonesian man and woman, and every student know him and recognize his legacy in the arts and sciences. Every big city has a street or square named after our CEO's ancestor Raden Saleh.


We are proud and very honored that the former President of Indonesia, Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, several years ago bestowed one of Indonesia's highest awards, the posthumous 'Bintang Mahaputera Adipradana' to Raden Saleh, represented by our Raden Saleh® Group, and our CEO's family.


But we don't stop here...


You will have a strong and unrivaled selling opportunity to earn commissions on cargo sales.


Raden Saleh® Logistics offers our Caro Sales Associates:


• Logistics business experience since 1755
• Successful network development and sales
• Office organization according to Raden Saleh® Logistics standard guidelines and procedures
• Training for Cargo Sales Associates
• Excellent commission structure
• Ongoing marketing and advertising assistance


If the benefits we offer are of interest to you, becoming our Raden Saleh® Cargo Sales Associate is up to you.


What are the responsibilities of a Raden Saleh® Cargo Sales Associate?


• Research sources to develop potential customers
• Gain a clear understanding of customer needs
• Establish and develop business relationships with prospective customers in regional market segments assigned to provide new business for services within the company
• Attend team meetings and share best practices with peers.


What qualifications do our Raden Saleh® Cargo Sales Associates require?


• Excellent selling and negotiating skills
• Good communication skills, also in English and “people” skills
• Must be attractive and well dressed
• Have confidence and motivation
• Ability to work well, both individually and as part of a team
• Have a business sense and be professional.


Don't delay, contact us now by sending your CV and cover letter to our CEO at career (at) radensaleh.org.


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