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Raden Saleh® International Fine Arts Transport

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The Art of International Logistics© - Since 1755



We specialize in all areas of international art transportation, including organizing and management of international exhibitions.


The above is the Raden Saleh Pavillon at the 1883 World Exhibition in Amsterdam.


Export and Import Services

  • Preparing for export with all necessary documentation
  • Pick-up with secure specialized vehicles
  • Effecting shipments with carefully selected carriers
  • Receiving incoming shipments
  • Customs clearance at the airport
  • Direct delivery to clients' home or
  • Transport to our depot
  • Repacking and delivery
  • Storage
  • Receiving and disposal of air freight boxes


Exhibition Services

  • Establishing contacts and appointments with lenders involved

  • Resolving issues in the field of airfreight packing

  • Airfreight management

  • Customs clearance and permits

  • Guarantees and exemptions

  • Transfer to our warehouse and consignment

  • Complete transport to clients' home

  • Onforwarding to additional destinations

  • Dismantling of exhibitions

  • Monitoring time-frames, budgets and documentation




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Displays and mounting

  • Mounting of paintings and series 
  • Installation of sculptures
  • World-wide installation of exhibitions and collections
  • Exhibition design and architecture
  • Project management and technical planning
  • Cost and budget supervision
  • Selection of specialists
  • Documentation

Art storage

  • Long-term storage in secure partitioned spaces
  • Intermediate storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Gallery storage including delivery and pick-up service


Additional services

  • Special packing
  • Photography and documentation
  • Inventory and commission
  • Presentation
  • Status reports
  • Recommendations of restoration businesses
  • Insurance on request
  • Fine art asset inventory management services for public and private collections. We can create a complete inventory of your holdings tailored to your specific needs
  • C.O.D. shipments, collection and dispersal of funds in foreign currencies, and consultation services for art auctions with the skills necessary to assist collectors in the evaluation of condition and the prices likely to be achieved at auction
  • and much more...


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