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                                 Welcome to RADEN SALEH® LOGISTICS

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                                         Our International Logistics Experience is second to none.

Our Logistics Experience is second to


In todays crowded logistics environment every transportation company needs a USP, a "unique selling proposition" besides lots of experience earned over the course of many decades, that business partners and customers appreciate, and benefit from.
We have this important Raden Saleh® Logistics USP for your company.
Our USP is not only based on our 270 years of business experience, but also our well-known brand name Raden Saleh® with an almost 100% recognition value world-wide for this national hero loved around the globe.
The Raden Saleh® Group was originally started as an alliance between the Department of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, as well as the German government.

But our proud origins go back to 1755 on Java, which makes us one of the oldest entities in Indonesia.

It was back then when my great-great-great grandfather Kyai Ngabehi Kertoboso Bustaman (who was also Raden Saleh's great-great-great grandfather) was entirely responsible for the founding of the Yokyakarta Sultanate and the signing of the "Treaty of Giyanti", because of his bravery in bringing the warring parties on Java together.


Our business, logistics and transportation experience spans over 270 years and it includes being responsible and instrumental for effecting all international logistics for the NATO E3A (AWACS) program in Europe and South Korea, as well as logistics for the Farnborough Air Show (UK), the Paris Air Show, and for MINDEF the Ministry of Defense, Singapore.

It also includes the 1883 World Exhibition in Amsterdam, with the Raden Saleh Pavilion (please follow the link to RS® Fine Arts Transport below), logistics for McDonalds, for luxury brands such as Estée Lauder or Alain Mikli, as well as numerous Indonesian Embassies and Consulates.
The in-depth business knowledge and transportaion expertise of our CEO Dr. Dr. George Hundeshagen was honed in over many decades in the international logistics business and subsequently saved BOEING AEROSPACE and the NATO E3A (AWACS) program almost 500 million US Dollars (today's value) in customs duty and import taxes.

In addition, our management is trained and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, as well as trained and internationally licensed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe for Operations in the Waterways navigable by Sea-Going Ships, and Inland Waterways.


For more information on our Raden Saleh® Logistics Services for Air, Ocean and Fine Arts please follow the links below.
We are eager to prove our vast experience to you...


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