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        Welcome to RADEN SALEH® LOGISTICS - Your new Brand Licensing or Franchise Partner



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In todays crowded logistics environment every transportation company needs a USP, a "unique selling proposition" that business partners and customers appreciate, and benefit from.
We have this important Raden Saleh® Logistics USP for your transportation/logistics company.
Our USP is not only based on our 280 years of business experience, but also our well-known brand name Raden Saleh® with an almost 100% recognition value world-wide for this Indonesian national hero loved around the globe.
The Raden Saleh® Group was originally started as an alliance between the Department of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, as well as the German government.


But our proud origins go back to 1743 on Java, which makes us one of the oldest entities in Indonesia.

It was back then when my great-great-great grandfather Kyai Ngabehi Kertoboso Bustaman (who was also Raden Saleh's great-great-great grandfather) was entirely responsible for the founding of the Yokyakarta Sultanate and the signing of the "Treaty of Giyanti", because of his bravery in bringing the warring parties on Java together.


Our business, logistics and transportation experience spans over 280 years and it includes beeing responsible and instrumental for effecting all international logistics for the NATO E3A (AWACS) program
In Europe, as well as logistics for the Farnborough Air Show (UK), the Paris Air Show, and for MINDEF the Ministry of Defense, Singapore.It also includes the 1883 World Exhibition in Amsterdam, with the Raden Saleh Pavillon, and please visit our webpage RS® Fine Arts Transport for more information.
In addition, our management is trained and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, as well as trained and internationally licensed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe for Operations in the Waterways navigable by Sea-Going Ships, and Inland Waterways.
As part of our Raden Saleh® Logistics family - either as licensee or franchisee - you can expand your logistics business while benefitting from our many years of logistics experience, and our brand name celebrity status and importance.

We now offer our future Raden Saleh® Logistics partners two prestigues categories for licensing and franchising to chose from:

  • our Raden Saleh® Logistics brand license with a fixed royalty on net proceeds from all Raden Saleh® Logistics based revenues.
  • our Raden Saleh® Logistics franchise opportunity, with all it's many advantages in the global logistics marketplace.


Why a Raden Saleh® Logistics brand license?


Our Raden Saleh® Logistics brand license for freight forwarders and logistics companies was originally designed to be a first step for your company, before you decide if you would like to become a Raden Saleh® Logistics franchisee. But of course it can also be a long-time solution for you, if you so chose.


Our Raden Saleh® Logistics brand license is for our brand name, with a fixed royalty on net proceeds from all worldwide Raden Saleh® Logistics Estate activities. 
What is Brand Licensing?
Brand licensing allows you to 'rent' a well-known brand and use it on your services and products. Connecting a powerful brand to an in demand service like real estate helps to increase sales and drive additional revenue.
So, what does a Raden Saleh® Logistics brand license include?
  • Use of the worldwide protected name and trademark "Raden Saleh®" with an almost 100% recognition value in your specified logistics business as an Indonesian national hero, the founder of modern Indonesian art and painting, and Indonesia's foremost archaeologist,
  • use of the worldwide protected name and trademark "Raden Saleh®" and the copyrighted and published image and reproduction of his signature in your specified logistics business for the duration of the licensing term,
  • use of various specified, copyrighted and published Raden Saleh® works of art in your specified logistics business for the duration of the licensing term,
  • use of the exclusive Raden Saleh® family history with business experience dating back to 1743, as part of the logistics licensing agreement. This includes the Raden Saleh® family history as freedom fighters, fighting together with Prince Diponegoro for Indonesia's independence and freedom.


Our Raden Saleh® Logistics Franchise opportunity comes with all it's many advantages in the global logistics marketplace.  Please check our Raden Saleh® Logistics franchise page for more details.


For more information on our Raden Saleh® Logistics services for Air, Ocean and Fine Arts please follow the links below.
For additional information on our licensing or franchise programsplease contact us by WhatsApp under
  • +62-813-5358-2488      
  • +260-9540-97847
We are looking forward to hearing from you.N
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