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Every company needs to have a USP, a "unique selling proposition" that distinguishes them from others, and that customers and business partners benefit from, value and appreciate.
Only we have such a USP in our two divisions, International Logistics and Real Estate, which we can offer to your company for your continued growth and success. 
Our USP is based on our 280 years of business experience, and on our brand name RADEN SALEH® which has an almost 100% recognition value world-wide in both business areas.
Only we as Radens Saleh's family and blood-relatives are authorized to use the internationally trademarked brand RADEN SALEH® and benefit from this national hero's fame and legacy around the world.
As a member of our prestigious Raden Saleh® business family either as a licensee or franchisee, you can expand your international logistics business as well as real estate activities by benefitting from our 280 years of international experience, our business system and our prominent corporate brand name.
The Raden Saleh® Group as it is today was originally started as an alliance between the Department of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, as well as the German government.
But our proud origins go back to 1743 on Java, which makes us one of the oldest entities in Indonesia.
It was in 1743 when the great-great-great grandfather of Raden Saleh (and also mine) acquired the first property on Java which until today is "kampung Bustaman" in Semarang.
It was back then when my great-great-great grandfather Kyai Ngabehi Kertoboso Bustaman (who was also Raden Saleh's great-great-great grandfather) was entirely responsible for the founding of the Yokyakarta Sultanate and the signing of the "Treaty of Giyanti", because of his bravery in bringing the warring parties on Java together.
We have made our name in the business arena since 1743, starting in Indonesia but also internationally in Europe (where Raden Saleh lived for 20 years), in Africa and in the USA.
In 2008 we were appointed to represent the Indonesian Ministry of Investments (formerly BKPM) in Germany and Europe, which opens many doors to us and our licensees and franchisees. In addition former President Dr. Yudhoyono bestowed the ‘Bintang Mahaputera Adipradana’ (the highest civilian Indonesian award) posthumously to Raden Saleh through us, his family.
And in addition to our international air cargo, ocean freight and defense logistics services which are second to none, we have two licensing or franchising options for our future Raden Saleh® business partners to chose from, to make your business grow. So please follow the two links above for more information.
I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Dr. George H Hundeshagen, MBA, PhD, DBA


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