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Real Estate Experience since 1743 
With 280 years of real estate experience, we have to be the very best.

Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman is a national hero in his native Indonesia with an almost 100% name recognition and cherished by all Indonesians worldwide. He also lived in Europe for over 20 years, and Raden Saleh was the first Asian to speak 5 languages fluently.


The Bustaman family - the family of Raden Saleh and also of our CEO Dr. Dr. George H. Hundeshagen - has been investing in real estate ever since 1743, starting with Indonesia, but also internationally in Europe and the USA.


In 2008 we were appointed to represent the Indonesian Ministry of Investments (formerly BKPM) in Europe.


Our CEO Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen, with two doctoral degrees in Real Estate Franchising and Corporate Real Estate Management, has been instrumental in realizing numerous international real estate projects such as the world-famous International Department of the University of Karlsruhe (Germany), one of the top universities worldwide.


So you can rest assured that our knowledge and expertise in the international real estate market - honed in over 277 years - is second to none.


Today we offer you a large selection of carefully chosen properties for sale throughout Europe and Africa; vacation real estate, investment properties or rentals.


Buying any kind of real estate property in Europe and Africa will enable international investors to establish permanet residency there. 


We gladly assist you in finding the property of your dreams, or just the one to perfectly match your investment requirements.


You can bank on our 280 year real estate expertise to assure your real estate peace of mind.


We also manage properties for clients who own property in Europe and Africa. Some of our clients live in the area and do not have time to manage their properties and other clients have been transferred out of the area or inherited homes that they would like to keep as investments. All of our clients depend on us to keep an eye on their property and ensure its safekeeping.


Our Services for you include


  • Marketing of your property;
  • Qualify applicants;
  • Negotiate the terms of the lease;
  • Prepare and finalize all documents;
  • Collect all move-in funds;
  • Oversee the move in and walk through;
  • Schedule & coordinate maintenance & repairs;
  • Physically inspect properties as needed;
  • Collect deposits and monthly rents.


Qualify Prospective Tenants


  • Review credit and highlight problematic issues or trends;
  • Review criminal history;
  • Verify previous rental history;
  • Verify Employment and Income;
  • Interview tenants personally.


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