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American Outdoors®


Wear the Beauty of America©. We are celebrating America the Beautiful - from Sea to shining Sea and every wonderful place in between - to bring you exclusive designs and styles for your active lifestyle, and your exciting adventures in the Great Outdoors. Our designs are inspired by America's beautiful and untouched wilderness; from the Rockies and the Prairies to the wild, unrelenting and forever untamed Shining Seas. Click on the links to the left and enjoy browsing our online catalogs 4Her and 4Him, or at www.AmericanOutdoors.US.


Jailhouse Blues® 


For Tough Guys and their Ladies. Made to do Hard Time©


From the Streets of New York to the Boulevards of LA and any place in between, Jailhouse Blues® is our brand for you Tough Guys and your Ladies. And for all of you who would like to feel that way once in a while...


Jailhouse Blues® Made to do Hard Time©. Enjoy browsing our online catalogs at www.JailhouseBlues.us.



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