Your valuable Raden Saleh® Logistics Brand License 

Choose a Raden Saleh® Logistics License for your worldwide logistics business

1. Raden Saleh® Logistics is an international brand with a long and proud logistics and transportation history going back to 1743.  

2. Raden Saleh® has been providing logistics and transportation services for over 278 years; for example for the World Exhibition in Amsterdam in 1883.

3. Raden Saleh® has an almost 100% recognition value in Indonesia and among Indonesians worldwide.

4. The Raden Saleh® Logistics brand name is synonymous with top quality services and Indonesian pride for each individual.

5. By using the Raden Saleh® Logistics brand business, you will get the attention of a wide community and trust not only from the people of Indonesia, but also the Indonesian diaspora worldwide.

The international Raden Saleh® Logistics Licensing Business Concept

Raden Saleh® Logistics is an international, independent licensing and franchise business. The choice of which concept suits your business with Indonesia and your needs is entirely yours.

You will no longer stand alone in running your business, since Raden Saleh® Logistics will provide support, training and special attention from the moment your office is opened, until you feel full confidence to run your Raden Saleh® Logistics business. Our team of experts is ready to give you the best advice for all of your business needs

Structured Education and Training  

Raden Saleh® Logistics offers a wide variety of professional training resources for your business success. Our Raden Saleh® Logistics mentoring program will provide continuous training for licensees and franchisees..

With Raden Saleh® Logistics you are the winner in todays tough business world

Raden Saleh® Logistics is your best licensing or franchise partner in achieving success in your business.

Raden Saleh® Logistics has a strong commitment to providing full support to you and your team in a professional manner as our licensing or franchising business partner. You are an important part of the fast growing Raden Saleh® Logistics family, and your success is the continued success of the Raden Saleh® Group too.

Are you ready to be part of the rise of Indonesian pride as a Raden Saleh® Logistics licensee/ franchisee?

If you answered YES, then you should make the smart choice and choose Raden Saleh® Logistics as the foundation of your business and your bright future.

Requirements for becoming a Raden Saleh® Logistics Licensing/Franchise Partner

Each potential licensee/franchisee will be evaluated based on the ability of achieving success in his business, having business experience and passion for the business, good financial standing and commitment as well as readiness to give full attention to running the business.

Here are the basic requirements for becoming a business partner for Raden Saleh® Logistics:

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI) or a foreign national with KIMS / Permits (for Indonesia only).
  • Legal company licence (PT or CV), along with a TIN, TDP, Business License / SIUP4, Domicile Certificate from the local government office (for Indonesia only).
  • Signed contract with licensing agreement from Raden Saleh® Logistics.
  • Licensee will be responsible for managing the business operations directly.
  • Licensee will be obliged to follow all stages of training as determined by Raden Saleh® Logistics.
  • Not being bound or running a same or similar business with other licensors.
  • Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, be creative, innovative and have the ability to make business decisions.
  • The ability to create and implement a comprehensive strategy and sustainable business.
  • The ability to implement operational Raden Saleh® Logistics standards.
  • Have a good reputation in business and/or previous career currently pursued.
  • Have experience in the air cargo/ocean freight business with a minimum of 2 years.
  • Be able to communicate in English, both orally and in writing. 
  • Have sufficient capital for operating costs, from start-up to a minimum of 12 months.

Items marked 'for Indonesia only" do not apply to international applicants. Please inquire for international requirements.

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