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Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen, MBA, PhD, DBA is the great-grand-nephew of Raden Saleh, as well as the great-great-great-grandson of Kyai Ngabei Kertoboso Bustam aka Kyai Bustaman (1681-1769).


Kyai Bustam with royal roots is the ancestor of the Bustaman clan with many regents on the northern coast of Java, including the famous Romantic painter Raden Saleh. He was also solely responsible for the creation of the Yogyakarta Sultanate, and the formerly family-owned part of Semarang City, Kampung Bustaman was named after him.


Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen has several decades of extensive experience in the world of international logistics with air- and ocean freight, customhouse brokerage, real estate and licensing businesses on all continents.


Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen holds two doctoral degrees in business administration and management, and he also teaches international logistics and transportation, business administration, international management as well as global sourcing at several of the world’s most renowned universities.




H.E. Pak Muhammad LUTFI (Minister of Trade Indonesia) H.E. Pak SEDIABUDI (Formr. Consul General Indonesia), Dr. Dr. George H HUNDESHAGEN (CEO/President The Raden Saleh Group)

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