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The Raden Saleh® Group 

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Our Experience counts. Since 1743.



With a legacy and experience of 280 years we have to be the very best.


Our international business activities are based on many centuries of worldwide experience, with unparalelled knowledge.


It was 280 years ago, back in 1743 that our CEO's 4x great-grandfather Kyai Ngabehi Kertoboso Bustam was solely responsible for the founding of the Yogyakarta Sultanate through the Treaty of Giyanty.


The Bustaman family - the family of Indonesia's national hero Raden Saleh and also of our CEO Dr. Dr. George H. Hundeshagen - started their first business venture on Java, in what until today is Kampung Bustaman in Semarang. 


Nearly every Indonesian man and woman all over the globe, and every school child knows Raden Saleh's name and heritage, and celebrates his legacy in the arts and sciences.


Our CEO and President Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen, the cousin of Raden Saleh, holds two doctoral degrees in Business Administration and Management, has been transforming the Raden Saleh® Group with his unparalled experience into the global company we are today.


He also launched one of the first public-private partnerships in Germany at the world-renowned University of Karlsruhe, by creating Bachelor and Master degree programs taught in English, as one of the first German universities.


As President of the University of Karlsruhe International Department back then, he was responsible for establishing, implementing and administering the international Bachelor and Master curriculum in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, as well as marketing these degree programs worldwide, including choosing and enrolling international students and for sponsorship relations with government entities and industrial sponsors. 

Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen, was solely responsible for planning and constructing this prestiguous first American-style university campus building in Germany, with 149 dorm-rooms, numerous auditoriums, apartments for professors and lecturers, 5 integrated shops and a very popular and iconic restaurant. 

In past years as our CEO and President, Dr. Dr. George H Hundeshagen was also responsible and instrumental for effecting all international logistics for the NATO E3A (AWACS) program in Europe, the Farnborough Air Show, the Paris Air Show, MINDEF the Ministry of Defense Singapore, and many more.


And due to Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen's international experience he was able to save BOEING Aerospace and their many subcontractors some US$ 450 million in customs duty and tax.


Left: With the late John Terrill, AWACS Program Director of BOEING Aerospace


We also handled many art shipments large and small for clients such as Sotheby's New York, or exhibitions for various Goethe Institutes in the USA, for the uniform tailor of McDonalds world-wide, and Estée Lauder.


Together with dedication and commitment we manage your entire logistics chain, while guaranteeing you peace of mind and serving your every business requirement.


Besides his position as our CEO, Dr. Hundeshagen recently has been lecturing as Assistant Professor for Business Administration and Management at three of the leading Management Universities on the subjects of International Transportation and Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing Management.


Our personalized service in all areas is unmatched, and in 2008 we were appointed to represent the Ministry of Investments BKPM, to assist international investors in Indonesia.


And last but not least we are proud and greatly honored that former Indonesian President Dr. H. Susilo B. Yudhoyono several years ago conferred one of the highest Indonesian awards, the ‘Bintang Mahaputera Adipradana’ posthumously to our CEO Dr. Hundeshagen's 1st cousin Raden Saleh, represented by us.


Count on our international experience for your business peace of mind

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